When it comes to serious hiking, you don’t want to mess around with cheapo hiking boots. Buy your hiking boots from reputable dealers or representatives who know hiking boots, not from some local shoe store that only wants to sell you something pretty and fashionable. Fashion has little place in the wild.

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Rep. Johanna Donovan (D Burlington) would double the earned income tax credit, exempt smaller businesses from the corporate income tax and reduce the lowest bracket income tax rate for individuals. These “tax reforms” would be paid for with a carbon tax (H.528).

Brake inspections: Every day people drive their cars until they hear grinding coming from the wheels when they stop. Then they have to spend several hundreds of dollars to repair the brakes. Didn’t they hear the excessive squealing that had to occur before the grinding? Apparently not.

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It seemed like it took less than an hour, and just like that they were gone. Today, the former Silver Spur, the Westerner and the Dutch Wife motels on West 4th joined other former tourist stops like downtown’s Golden West Motor Lodge and the Heart O’ Reno that lost their charm and viability decades ago. The West 4th motels have had a fast decline in the six months they’ve been closed.