Since ancient times, the state of our feet has been intrinsically linked to our general wellbeing — Hippocrates recognised that he could alleviate foot pain by controlling the way the foot works, treating foot conditions by using simple wedges of hay and cotton.

Podiatry specializes in foot and ankle conditions, and has the ability to treat many complaints that occur as a result of poor foot and ankle posture (such as many counts of back pain).

Our podiatrists also carry out minor surgery, treatments for skin conditions, specialist diabetic care, arthritis care, acupuncture, sports therapy and much more, including:

Foot & ankle problems (such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, heel spurs, corns, callous, nail problems, athletes foot and neuromas)
Leg problems (including shin splints and calf complaints)
Knee pain (as a result of Arthritis, injuries or chondromalacia patella)
Back & neck pain (as the foot is the base and foundation for the body, the ways in which feet work affects the function of the whole body — meaning many back and neck problems can be related to poor posture and function stemming from the feet!)
Sports injuries & prevention (Foot Orthotic Therapy can correct both foot and lower limb function ­— helping to improve physical performance, assist with balance and help prevent injury from occurring)

At PhysioMatters, our podiatrists and chiropodists also offer comprehensive foot assessments and provide gentle chiropody treatment for many foot problems (including corns, callouses, verrucae, painful / unsightly or in growing nails, difficulty cutting nails and athletes foot).

Aside from routine foot checks, vascular assessments and neurological testing, our Podiatrist  also provides specialist advice and treatment regarding occupational problems and assessment and care for patients with diabetes.

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