At Physio Matters, our highly trained physiotherapists tailor treatment programmes that combine a variety of hands-on techniques (including mobilisations, manipulations, electrotherapy, exercise, massage and acupuncture), education and exercise prescription — working strictly to The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Code of Standards — to help each client maximize their physical abilities.

Our physiotherapists will not only treat the problem but, by spending time with you, we will help to educate you in injury prevention, ensuring you understand what are sporting injuries/ailments versus twitches, dysfunction movement and movement control.

At your initial consultation, you will be asked to provide a detailed history of your condition together with any relevant past medical history.

A physical assessment will then be undertaken to determine the clinical diagnosis of your problem. Your physiotherapist will then discuss with you a proposed treatment plan and will provide an estimate of the length of treatment required and the proposed outcome of your treatment.

You will have every opportunity to ask questions about your condition, and advice regarding its management and prevention in the future.

Get in touch today to book a no-obligation consultation and begin your personal journey to maximum physical wellness!