This step through frame will make your commuting life or weekend errands infinitely easier, with speeds of up to 20 miles per hour and an electric assist motor that will power you for up to 50 miles. The Evo Eco Lite rides smoothly and handles like a normal bike looks like one too, thanks to careful battery and motor placement. Front and rear fenders plus a rear rack make it easy to ride to work, the library, or the grocery store.

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It was 2003. For days, he had stalked his prey on the frozen wastelands north of Pond Inlet, one of Canada’s most isolated Inuit communities deep inside the Arctic Circle. His dog team picked up the scent of an eight foot adult male and they hurtled over the ice: the hunt was on..

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Lets do that again. Course, a high tech toy like the Dragon doesn come cheap. Asking price? $1.5 million. Renting the apartments is generally more worth for money compared to buying if you are staying for short periods. This is the reason why you need to take into consideration your likely time period of stay, travel expenses and other maintenances fees that have to be forked out each month when doing your calculations. Variety of Apartments can be found nearly everywhere.

I also had a feeling this was not the home of Lake Superior Rock Roll. Stargate reminds me of First Avenue, cut in half. The crowd was glowing in the blacklights, giving me two thoughts. A few concrete structures stand out like sore thumbs.After a 45 minute walk from one end of the beach to the other, we head to the short main street, where an eclectic scene features open air cafes, artisan tables and roving musicians, local and expat. The ambience is a mix of middle class hipster Mexican, greying Woodstock and dreadlocked Rasta.The next day we fall into the rhythm of early morning and sunset walks, with body surfing, hammock hanging, yoga and restaurant exploring filling the hours. We do a day trip to Puerto Escondido, an hour’s drive away, and visit the campground where the three of us stayed during a 1975 road trip to Guatemala.