5824543_sPosture has a major role in musculo-skeletal health, and  a host of aches and pains can be directly related to poor posture. 

Correct posture means that the body’s key parts stack vertically on top of each other, which allows the joints to sit in their middle position — a state that means joints are mildly unstable as no ligaments are tightened in this joint alignment. The small, postural muscles — which need to be both controlled and strong — have to therefore work to maintain stability in this correct position.

Modern living however means that we now sit for far longer than ever, and our penchant for slouching encourages the lower back to take the exact opposite to its ideal shape.

The act of sitting is in itself is tough enough on the back but slouching now poses one of the most constant and damaging strains on our spines.

The art of correcting posture requires time and work for an efficient, low effort, correct postural habit to form, but the health and fitness benefits reaped will be worthwhile in both the short and long term.

Self-correction of posture is very difficult to perform correctly; and hands on advice from our team of highly trained experts can significantly speed up the process.

When it comes to musculo-skeletal health, the sooner poor posture is corrected, the better so why not click here to get in touch today?