The latest from director Cameron Crowe stars Bradley Cooper as Brian Gilcrest, who has aspired to be a NASA pilot but ended up a defence contractor. After a brush with death, he goes to Hawaii, where he had much success in the past, to co ordinate the launch of a satellite funded by an eccentric billionaire played by Bill Murray. Emma Stone plays a fighter pilot assigned to look after Gilcrest as he negotiates with native leaders for gate ceremony, which would also lead to the relocation of a burial site.

But in 2012’s battle of the blockbusters The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, the James Bond movie Skyfall and The Hunger Games the latter three were not in 3D. However, The Avengers was the champ by miles ($1.5 billion to Dark Knight’s $1 bil). The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will skew the results, of course.

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Real estate prices and proximity to Manhattan keep this area in play. Roughly 20 minutes to Grand Central Station on the 7 Express train and 12 minutes to Penn Station on the Long Island Railroad, Woodside is as convenient as the other local neighborhoods that have seen more rapid gentrification. Bicycle signs with arrows point to the Queensboro Bridge..

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Whose salaries were a lot less than what Grecco has been paid to have lawyers on his staff do the same work. This in addition to the numerous labor lawyers and billable hours to fight two unions. How many millions of dollars has been spent on an unnecessary war with these people.