Thornhill Logo High ResWe’re excited to announce that PhysioMatters has become a key sponsor of the incredibly talented Thornhill Athletic Football Club! As experts in physiotherapy, sports massage, injury prevention and rehabilitation, it only seemed right to give back to our local community by supporting a team that has shown real potential.

The team  – who are currently sitting fourth in the league –  are expected to finish in the top 3 of the division this season, and we must say that their new all-weather training raincoats look fantastic! We would like to wish them every success this season – and will keep you all updated on their progress!


Physiotherapy plays a key role in producing a strong, quick and injury-free football team, but it is not solely reserved for this discipline.

Participating in any sport or physical activity increases the likelihood of injury, and although the body can eventually heal on its own, the bones, muscles and other tissues can be significantly weaker after injury if appropriate measures are not carried out.

Following an injury, many people are tempted to refraining from activity to avoid pain, however, lack of movement and exercise can worsen the problem by causing joint stiffness and muscle atrophy.

PhysioMatters’ sports injury and rehabilitation treatment programmes have been designed to help stretch vital muscles, tendons and ligaments safely to regain both strength and range of motion – and encompass a variety of techniques to relieve muscle stress and pain to promoting optimum wellness. Soft tissue manipulation and massage are among the most beneficial techniques physiotherapists employ to target imbalances in muscles and bone structure, and certain sports or activities may also be recommended for particular conditions.

If you’re taking part in any activities or sporting events this Winter – no matter at what level  – then get in touch today to see how we can help you maximise physical performance and minimise the risk of injury!