sports massagePhysioMatters is pleased to announce that we have welcomed Rolfing expert James McCormack to the clinic!

A graduate of the European Rolfing Association training programme in Munich, James’ passion for this incredible technique began after receiving the treatment to aid his cycling ability, ease neck strain and provide relief from a previous whiplash injury.

Named after biochemist Dr Ida P Rolf, the Rolfing technique was developed in order to improve the body’s structure, posture and movement while enhancing both physical and emotional wellbeing.

Excellent for a range of complaints, including Frozen Shoulder, Golfers or Tennis Elbow, Sciatica, Whiplash, Tension Headaches, Sports Injuries, Neck, Back and Pelvis Pain, Rolfing can significantly reduce gravity’s adverse effects, release tension patterns and optimise the capacity to breathe and to move free of unnecessary restrictions.

For more information on this fantastic new treatment – and to find out how you can benefit – click here to get in touch today!