Young Family On Ski Vacation

The ski season is in full swing, but unfortunately many snow bunnies jetting off to the slopes fail to recognise the importance of physiotherapy to maximise the ski and snow holiday experience.

Many ski and snow injuries can be easily avoided. To reduce your risk of injury, and prevent painful thighs, knees and joints throughout your ski trip, we highly recommend booking an assessment with one of our highly trained physiotherapist 4-6 weeks before you ski. This priceless consultation will not only assess the important ski muscles for strength and flexibility and assess your balance and core strength but will also provide you with a specially devised programme  that will truly maximise your ski experience.

Key points to consider before hitting the slopes are:

Fitness Levels
Fatigue can significantly reduced skill level and cause gradual loss of control as the day wears on, but to improve endurance we recommend training for 30 minutes 3 times per week in the run up to your trip. Jogging and cycling are good forms of aerobic exercise, and hopping on the cross-trainer will help replicate the ski motion.

Core Stability & Balance
Before hitting the slopes it’s crucial to ensure you have the strength and balance to maintain alignment of your legs, hips and lower back. Good core strength helps to both prevent low back injury and  improve the control of your skis, which can vastly improve your skiing skills. Incorporating some basic pilates movements into your pre-ski routine is an excellent way of improving core stability.

Leg Strength
Poor leg strength will significantly effect your control over your skis and can quickly lead to a plethora of injuries. It’s important to work on the strength of your quadriceps, gluteals and calf prior to skiing, and practicing exercises that mimic skiing as much as possible prior to your trip will make a drastic difference to your experience on the slopes.

For more information on ski and snow injury prevention, and to book an assessment with one of our team, please get in touch today! Happy Skiing!