Conclusion: To Be Valuable For Both Consumers and Taxpayers, DOE’seGallon Must Reflect Realistic Vehicle ChoicesThe desirability ofa tool like “eGallon” is rooted in the convoluted way we talk about transportation fuel economy and energy costs in this country. Miles per gallonitself is a poor metric, compared to something like gallons per100 miles. It obscuresthe high value of modest improvements inhigh consumption vehicles, while exaggerating the value of shifting from very efficient to ultra efficient cars.

As usual, you will not need your brain for most of the summer movie season. Assembling this list of what’s opening May 5 July 21 is an annual exercise in familiarity, as sequels, franchise properties and R rated comedies are clearly en vogue with moviegoers. Originality is only welcome in bits and pieces..

Many museums schedule a few free hours each week. The Metropolitan Museum of Art lists a suggested admission but you don have to pay it. Joe Shanghai on Pell Street in Chinatown is cheap, crazy, fun and good; be prepared to wait for a table and beware the hot broth inside the pork dumplings.

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Aside from the economics, these young workers have enjoyed the links to each other and to workers elsewhere who they have been reaching out to. They see their struggle as an ethical as well as an economic issue. Indeed, their political involvement has been personally transformative.

Willow Wood Market Cafe, 9020 Graton Road, Graton. Here you get ribs and chicken, beer, wine, and sweet potato pie, all strictly Texas style. And that means a deep pit barbecue. Said in a statement: the crew determines that a customer is causing conflict on the aircraft, the customer will be asked to deplane. In this instance, our team worked to re accommodate the party on the next available flight. In the day, cameras caught Trump oldest daughter, in workout clothes, leaving her Manhattan apartment for the airport.