Prevention is the Best Cure

Since establishing the clinic over 9 years ago, lead physiotherapist Girija Wagle and her professional team have been using the most current and innovative techniques to help clients realise their full physical potential.

The highly qualified team of experts not only go beyond the current symptoms to get to — and subsequently treat — the root of the client’s condition, but will also offer the knowledge and support needed to help each individual achieve optimum physical ability and quality of life.

More than just physiotherapy…

Physio Matters recognises that each client is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of proven physiotherapy procedures — including sports massage, pilates, rolfing and acupuncture — in order to maximize the results of each individual’s unique treatment programme.

So whether clients are seeking effective relief from back or neck pain, joint or muscle problems, sports injury or other soft tissue injury — we have the skills and savvy to create and carry out a unique treatment programme that will help the individual achieve optimum physical wellness.

Get in touch today to book a no-obligation consultation and begin your personal journey to maximum physical wellness!